Our Story

The Indian Student's Club

Avishkar Saini and Anmol Saini arrived as Inter- national students in Australia in 2005 and have continued their journey from high school to the University. They have had first-hand life experi- ence of what it is like to relocate to an unknown country and to excel as young Indian students in personal and professional lives. They both strug- gled and felt alone without family and friends in a new country with little support and thus, are able to relate to the challenges that students are faced with.

They along with Natasha Malani founded the Indian Students Club (TISC). Natasha was born in South Australia, connected to India through her Father Prem who migrated to Australia in 1964 as an international student from India. We at the Indian Students Club are passionate about providing support to the students arriving from India to ensure they are able to smoothly transi- tion into their new lives and are guided by people who have experience and connections.

Our Purpose

Dedicated support to the ever-growing number of Indian Students in South Australia to enhance their experience & make them feel welcome. A smoother transition to connect to community to help alleviate feelings of loneliness and isolation. Continued connection to the education sector including Universities, Colleges & Government. A fast-track to industry connections, professional networks & a educational forums to build confidence and identify opportunities. an introduction to South Australia's leading suppliers, venues & retailers to showcase South Australia & access to exclusive deals.

Our Values

The wellbeing of the students is our priority.
We value and respect culture.
We act with trust and integrity.
We collaborate to get the best results

Why Choose Us?

We provide your venue the opportunity to engage with a large new niche market of young people.
Indian students will seek social activities & events to build friendships and connections.
Promoting The Stag as a hub or home base for the Indian Students will encourage them to visit on regular basis.
We have a trusted relationship with the Indian Students Network.

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